Award’s Fairview® suite is our most versatile and customisable system; a full architectural suite designed to suit all configurations and requirements.

With over 30 years of proven industry performance and an unwavering commitment to engineering and product development, the Fairview® suite is designed to perform and last. Trusted by architects and builders alike, Award has proven experience in supplying the suite to our own stringent quality standards. 

Single or double-glazing options

Fairview’s® range is designed to work in either single-glazed or double-glazed configurations, depending on the acoustic and thermal requirements of your project. 


Fairview® represents some of Awards’ best value configurations and options, while still providing a quality system and experience. Fairview® recognises the importance of the tactile and auditory experience for the discerning homeowner. 

Thermally-broken options

Fairview® is available in thermally-broken options to meet the most stringent energy efficiency requirements. Thermally-broken frames deliver up to a 73% improvement in thermal efficiency while still delivering the aesthetics and quality that Awards’® clients have come to expect from a traditional frame system. 

Customisation options

The Fairview® Suite includes fixed windows, awning and casement windows, bifold and hinged doors, as well as a sliding door system. Not only is the suite available in a range of configurations from Fairview®, but the system supports a range of external products as well. Single-glazed and double-glazed louvre galleries and sashless window inserts, gas strut windows and a guillotine system are available; you can be sure that Award can provide a suitable solution to your project and design intent.