Steel Hinge Doors

Using steel hinges for your doors not only looks sleek and shiny, they also offer tremendous strength.

The beautiful design of hinge doors will give your home a modern twist on an old-fashioned element. With designer inspired frosted glass or clear panels, you can maximise natural light throughout and make it bright for all those who enter!

Steel hinged doors can be supplied as French doors, in Bi-fold configuration, or as singles. Parliament hinges can be supplied if necessary on French doors.

Why Choose Steel Hinge Doors


Aesthetic Appeal

Hinges are typically very visible and because they’re part of the aesthetic quality, you want them to look good. Stainless steel hinges come in a range of surfaces: these high-quality finishes make it easy for maintainability while still achieving that shiny exterior!



Steel hinges are a popular choice for durability and resistance to corrosion. It can withstand high temperatures without losing its strength or ductility



The door panels are made of safety glass that not only reduces the risk for accidents, but also helps to eliminate any unnecessary distractions when you’re home. The lamination in this material serves as an excellent sound barrier so your peace and quiet will never be interrupted by outside noises!

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