Simplicity Redefined

Kazimir is a stunning sliding door system with a simple goal; to provide a European-inspired design of minimalism at an affordable price point.


Interlocker Advantage of Kazimir

Kazimir uses Award’s proprietary Wafer-thin interlock system where the strength of the interlocker comes from the depth rather than the width of the profile. Unlike other interlocking solutions on the market, Kazimir’s interlockers will always be 24mm wide no matter the engineering requirements of the project or the location. This gives you minimal sight lines every time, guaranteed.

Concealed Top Rail

The top rail to the Kazimir system is concealed within the head of the framing system allowing uninterrupted views through the top portions of the sliding door.

Wind/Water Performance and Drainage

Kazimir is now tested up to 1000 pascals of water penetration prevention, a testament to the incredible engineering of the system. This performance makes the system suitable to a range of applications, including high rise apartments. The system is compliance tested to meet Australian standard AS2047-2014.
A custom tray and grate system has been developed by Award to meet our customer’s drainage requirements for the Kazimir sliding door. Aluminium drainage trays are folded and welded, before being powder coated to ensure a perfect result, every time.

Superior Locking System

Kazimir uses the Zebratti® flush pull system manufactured in New Zealand, a machined high-performance low-profile system that perfectly complements our minimalist door stile design. The lock is manufactured completely from stainless steel and aluminium, proving itself against harsh coastal conditions and meeting Award’s stringent quality requirements.

Acoustics and Thermals

Kazimir is a structurally glazed system that derives its incredible panel strength from the manufacturing process that connects the panel profiles themselves and the double-glazed unit used in the system. The Kazimir system delivers superior acoustic and thermal performance due to this process, improving thermal efficiency and sound performance through the system.

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Curved Sliding Doors

Kazimir is the only minimalist sliding door system manufactured in Australia which can be manufactured in a curved sliding door configuration. Due to Award’s specialised process, profiles can be curved to suit a variety of radii and match the curves of the building for a stunning result. 

Glass Options

Kazimir is available in a range of double-glazed glass types, including clear, translucent, performance, acoustic glass, low iron and low E configurations. 

Kazimir is available with custom glazing adapters to suit single glazing on request.

Concealed Sill

Kazimir is available in a concealed sill sliding door configuration, designed to provide a more seamless transition between the inside and outside space of the home. Only thin lines intersect the opening when the doors are open, with the doors effortlessly disappearing from view. In the concealed sill system, door profiles are further minimised, providing an almost uninterrupted view when the doors are closed.

Kazimir concealed sill is designed for ease of maintenance, as tiles can be easily removed from the custom clip system and reinstalled after maintenance is performed.

Customisation options

The Kazimir system provides endless possibilities for customisation. Centre opening and corner opening junctions are available in the system, allowing spaces to completely open, further helping achieve a seamless inside/outside transition. Cavity options are available, to further conceal doors when open.


Award uses an architectural vent lock system, allowing the door to be locked in the open position providing both ventilation and security. The Kazimir system can incorporate a security mesh screen within the same minimalist panel design used for glazed doors, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics as well as security to the home.


Kazimir has been tested for 1000 pa of water penetration prevention, a testament to the superior engineering of the system.

The Kazimir 1000 system is suitable to a range of applications, including exposed positions in high rise apartments. The system is compliance tested to meet Australian standard AS2047-2014. 

Kazimir 1000 has all the standard features our clients have come to expect from the system, including high acoustic and thermal performance, minimal sight lines and a hidden top rail. This makes the system both beautiful to look at and an exceptional commercial performer. Sill sections  installed flush to the floor allows for DDA compliance, as Award’s signature tracking profile allows perfect mobility through the opening.

Award can achieve compliance to commercial requirements around powder coating and anodising due to Australian manufacturing. High warranty powders can be used to achieve up to a 30-year powder coating warranty. Kazimir 1000 is engineered to perform and built to last.