Award is proud to be an Australian partner and supplier of the Jansen® Steel System manufactured in Switzerland. The Jansen® system is cold rolled, with no heating of the profiles occurring during manufacture and resulting in profiles that are distortion free. The system is fully compliant and has been tested to Australian standard AS2047-2014.

Award imports Jansen® steel profiles, meticulously assembling and welding the system to meet our stringent quality requirements here in Australia. Award has access to the entire Jansen® suite and can design a steel solution that meets your requirements.

Jansen® Art’15 Minimalist Steel System

Art’15 is Jansen’s® minimalist system and provides an exceptionally small profile for operable doors and windows. Available in fixed, casement, awning, bifold and hinged door options, Art’15 provides a timeless steel aesthetic in a modern minimalist framing detail. Like all of Award’s systems, both single-glazing and double-glazing options are available. 

The possibilities in Jansen® are endless regarding glazing and bar work. Most bespoke architectural designs are possible with the system.

Jansen® Eco 50 Steel System

Eco 50 is Jansen’s® most versatile system. The system combines the rigid strength that only a steel system can offer with the ability to support higher engineering demands. Available in both mild and stainless-steel options (for coastal requirements), Eco 50 can be supplied in fixed, casement, awning, bifold, pivot, sliding and hinged door configurations. 

Curving Solutions

The strength of the Jansen® system allows us to effortlessly curve profiles using our in-house curving system, giving options for curved on plan solutions, complex arches, and other custom designs. Tight radii are possible in the system due its strength.

Other Jansen Systems

Award utilises alternative systems from Jansen® when required; the Janisol thermally-broken system for high thermal performance requirements, the VISS system for extreme glass sizes, and larger profiles in the Jansen® Eco series for greater structural capacity.

Powder costing options

Award uses a best-in-class powder coating process for both mild steel and stainless steel, ensuring a quality, long lasting application. Both Dulux and Interpon powder coating options can be supplied, with warranties ranging up to 30 years. The result is a powder coat system that will last for decade

Sliding Doors

Award has engineered a minimalist sliding door system with Jansen® to meet the market demand for a steel sliding door system. Jansen® panels are integrated in to our Kazimir frame and track system, giving you the classic aesthetic of sliding steel panels with the sealing performance of an aluminium frame. Bar work can be incorporated into the panels giving you the traditional steel look we all know. Our steel sliding doors are the best of both worlds. 

Utilising a top hung tracking system, it’s possible to use steel panels internally for stunning results.

Jansen VISS

VISS is a thermally insulated steel system for all your façade/framing requirements. All manner of façade/framing configuration can be achieved by using a small number of modular components. The system can meet a range of thermal insulation and sound reduction requirements while maintaining a uniform appearance. The Jansen VISS system can meet your structural requirements with a range of profiles to suite the environment and specific conditions for any project. Please request further information from our sales team on this system.