Framed Sliding Doors

Our framed glass sliding doors combine the traditional style of the past with the technology of now. The timeless appeal is enhanced by a range of styles, colours and finishes.

Framed sliding door systems are a stylish way of connecting internal and external spaces to create an open, airy atmosphere. Although they are generally chosen for their style and aesthetic appeal, when you look beyond their fashionable exterior it’s surprising to see how many practical advantages they have over traditional doors.

Why Choose Framed Glass Sliding Doors


Increased Natural Light

Sliding doors are a great way to bring the outside in. They have large panes of glass that fill up all four sides, maximizing natural light and making your home feel brighter during those dreary winter days when you’re craving green scenery or blue skies above you! 


Interior/Exterior Flow

Installing a set of aluminium sliding doors can really open up your home, helping to seamlessly blend the outdoors and indoors in order to increase your home’s living space.


More Space

The inside of a traditional door has hinges that allow it to open inwards or outwards. This requires space for when the swing gets opened and shut, but not with aluminum sliding doors! They operate by gliding one pane over another on tracks so there’s no need surround them anywhere around their opening mechanism.

Our Framed Sliding Door Brands