Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is the ideal material for window frames. Its light-weight and high malleability ensures that there will be a style and configuration that suits your needs
Despite being light, aluminium frames are also incredibly durable and built to last. With 30 years of proven expertise, our Fairview range guarantees that your aluminium windows will be a long-term standout feature in your home. When designing our windows, we keep Australia’s unique climate in mind. With a variety of glazing options, such as single, double and triple glazes, we can customise your windows to let warmth in, or to keep it out. For thermal control, aluminium windows are the superior option.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows


Configuration Option

Whether you want an entire wall-to-ceiling showcase or a strategically placed corner window to curl up and read a book in front of, aluminium windows can be configured in any way you like. 


Maximise Light

Aluminium window frames don’t have to be a powerful statement. If you want to maximise light in your home our frames can be low profile to allow more glass to be on display. 


Easily Operated

Aluminium windows aren’t just stunning to look at, they are also known for their easy functionality. The light-weight material allows smooth, noiseless movement for opening or sliding windows. 

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