Designed with the challenging conditions of the Swiss Alps in mind, Skyframe® is a minimalist sliding system with exceptional thermal performance and European design and manufacturing. As Skyframe’s® preferred Sydney supplier, Award has proven our expertise at assembly and installation of the system to meet our client’s refined taste of windows and doors.

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Thermal Performance

All Skyframe® doors and windows are thermally-broken, with a thermal polymer break inside the frames to reduce the transfer of heat between the inside and outside frame. This means you are guaranteed a high level of thermal performance regardless of system size. 

Acoustic Performance

Skyframe® is available in a range of glazing options, including large acoustic glass panels. With Skyframe®, it’s possible to include multiple laminated layers or triple glazed glass to achieve incredible acoustic performance. In the Skyframe® system, a Rw rating of 44 decibels is possible.

Seamless inside/outside transition

Skyframe® doors have multiple sill options, including the plain sill system. The plain sill system creates a seamless transition between the inside and outside space, where only thin lines intersect the opening when the door is open. 


Skyframe® sliding doors are available in a motorised system with push button operation, eliminating the need to manually open the doors. This allows panels can get larger and heavier (up to a tonne), and yet still be operable with absolutely no effort.

Integrated Flyscreen

The Skyframe® Fly® system is an ingenious integrated flyscreen that retracts into the frame of Skyframe without being visible when closed. The flyscreen can open approximately 1, 000 mm from the door frame and allow ventilation while keeping insects out of your home. 

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